A very rare sighting of the northern lights ,  I took a much better photo at a different time but I cannot find it.
These photos were taken close to the Chalet, they show the animals, the surrounds, the Clubhouse, the Restaurants  and the Bar,  they have been  taken during rain, sun and snow and in all four  seasons.
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The other side of this castle [Innis Chonnel] is just about visible (through the islands trees) from the Chalet, about.... 500 yards away
Kilchurn Catle , about 10 miles away near loch Awe village, it is one of the 4 castles on Loch Awe
Ben Cruachan ... the hollow mountain
An otter,  a friend says he saw a white one ... when he was standing on the pubs balcony
The Village of Dalavich from atop the hill,  you can just about see a couple of roof's right in the middle of the photo ( blame the trees )
Clubhouse Bar ...200 metres from the  Bubble
Part of the Lounge area in the Pub & Restaurant
* varying seasonal opening hours 
The Cafe  about 300 yards away
What appears to be a sheep ...but may actually be a white otter  ???
Fruit Machines and other infernary to lead you from the straight and narrow path
- located in the clubhouse of course
Taken from the Lochside in front of the Bubble towards the Castle
The Rear of the Chalet