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Hi Nicky,

Mark mentioned that you emailed, but he has yet to get a chance to email you back. We thoroughly
enjoyed our stay. Everything was absolutely wonderful. The fact that you have everything available for
our use (dishes, towels, CD player, fire starters, etc) made the stay even better. Honestly, we have
been talking so highly about it ever since we have returned. We would LOVE to come again with a
couple friends. The pictures we took have sparked a lot of interest from both our families, and we
know it is booked through the summer, but we are planning on staying again. I hope we left it in decent
shape. We had to rush off Friday morning.

Sorry I can't be helpful with suggestions to make it better, because it really was wonderful. All that we
hoped for and more!

I hope to stay again in the future!

Have a great day.

Steph Ciatti
Hi Nicky,
Thanks. Its a great little place you have, hope it works well for you
Hamish Mckay
Wicked the posh city cat...caught a mouse,
brought it in, and didn't know what to do with it!
What a stunning location, and a place we felt  immediately at home
in,  The only complaint we have is that the sheets in the bottom
bedroom were not fresh ~  Brian & Susan  Mcluckie.

Unfortunately as some  women possess  a much better sense of smell
then men , I won't argue , but I wish you would have phoned so I
could have directed  you to the linen cupboard,  where there are
several changes of linen  (many  still brand new in packaging)
From David  Weir  *Repeat guest,  comments from various emails to me*.
-January 2009-
Good selection of music I have to say!!! I have to say that you have inspired
me to seriously think about buying a property like this!!! Will definately
spread the word about the Bubble as people who work and live in Glasgow
are always looking for somewhere to escape to for a few days once in a
while (espcially those that manage in hopsitality such as me).

David Weir
-January  2009-
If we could checkout for midday on sunday that would be great (less time in
the city the better). Have been thinking for a while about buying a place like
this as having worked in the city for the last 10 years am eager to find
somewhere to escape to every once and a while!!! If you don't mind me
asking how did you find out about this place and how much did you pay for
it? With regards to the boat am definately thinking about hiring it for a few
days in the summer. You forget when working and living in the city how
much beauty, peace and fresh air Scotland has to offer and staying here has
convinced me to make more effort to get out of Glasgow !!!
-February 2009-
My girlfriend is obsessive  about smells (she is french!!) and puts perfume
and flowers and deodorizers everywhere!  and yes likes to put her own
stamp on everything and she did love the crockery and liked all the little
touches in the place. May now be from the 17th of march for 7 days as have
to be in london at the end of the month. If this is free definately want to
book again.
- March 2009


Great Stay Again !!!
Had to leave a day early as going down to London for a few days . Let me
know which dates the Bubble is free this summer as want to come back
towards the end of the summer, have left a blender as a gift to the bubble as
I like making soup.hope all is well with you.
Hi Nicky,

We just got home and thanks so much for the chocolate – it was super. We also spotted
the wine but left that.  Took advantage of your great music too.  You certainly have a lot
to offer your guests.

Also the washing machine seems to be working again.  I went to pick up the  blankets and
they had been washed.  So that is great.

We went to Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on the way home and the Oysters were superb.  Not a
patch on the whole Seafood Temple experience but definitely worth a visit.

Thanks again for everything.  The Bubble is just superb!!!


P.S.  They are some lovely chips in the freezer which I hope you will enjoy.

On 23/4/09 6:51 pm, "Nick Ming"  wrote:

Hi Lorraine , glad you guys had a good stay , please come again,  I see you found the
choclatey goodies , good for you, sometimes they go unclaimed !  

Cheers and thanks Nicky
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