All Year Round
All Year Round

Well, unless you want to know about things to do in Argyll, that's about it, If you have any
questions you can inquire about our beautiful little Bubble by:
Mobile     :    07796488273         
Email      :    click the email button below.
~ Things to do in Argyll  ~

Prices are pretty much dependent upon how desperate I am for money, and being a trruuuu Scotsman
that can be depended upon ! :) but generally  the cost for a week is
between £350 and £625

We can also do short weekend or weekday breaks .  
For your security we can also take payment by Credit Card via PayPal
Terms and Conditions
Guests Comments
Baby equipment -a cot & high chair,
Photo below  shows how the bottom bunk can be  
easily removed and  replaced with a  cot
~ Baby Stuff  ~
* Please note *,  If you require to be in a sterile dust and insect free environment, this is
probably not the place for you,  there are midges, lizards,squirrels, spiders and even the
occasional human out here so if the possibility of coming across these things causes you to
stammer, tremble, faint, mentally seize or blink uncontrollably,   
                         Then please note that you have been warned.
~ Would you like to watch a
very short, very crap, movie  
of me walking my cat in the
morning in this area ? ~

(If allergic to cats,  don't worry the
cat  has not been here for a year
Small office  with PC  and broadband.    
Provided as a free courtesy with no
guarantees.  (as other people can
unintentionally sabotage  it)   
If the dates you want are not free, the other chalet  may have availability.
More Photos +  the
Restaurant and Clubhouse
All Year Round
View From the Balcony